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The science is overwhelming, the reports alarming. Human-caused climate change/global warming is happening now and getting worse.

This is the place to to post, read and discuss news about climate change--an issue that affects us all.

What do scientists say about it? What are its effects? What does it portend for the future? What can be done about it? Who's behind the climate-denial industry? What do they stand to gain? These are just some of the issues that are suitable for posting here.

NO SEEDS OR ARTICLES FROM CLIMATE-CHANGE DENIERS, however we welcome comments from all users, regardless of views, as long as they conform to Newsvine's User Agreement and Code of Honor.

This Nation is gated. We are looking for members who have been on Newsvine for awhile and have a history of commenting. We just want to avoid spammers and trolls. Members who break Newsvine or nation rules may be removed from membership.

Cartoon by Clay Bennett for the Chattanooga Times Free Press